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Portable Gas Detector

Wall-mount Gas Detector/Monitor

Two Stage Alarm - Controller

Single and Multichannel Gas Monitor / Alarm in Nema 4 Enclosure

Two Stage Alarms in Single and Multichannel Unit - Detector

Sensor Data Transmitter (SDT) Gas Detector

Two-Stage Alarms-Controller

Two-Stage Alarms-Controller


Audio Alarms: Low (pulse tone), High (steady tone)
Panel Light Indicators: Power ON (green LED)
Fail alarm (orange LED)
Low alarm (yellow LED flashing)
High alarm (red LED continuous)
Panel Controllers: Zero, Span, Low and High alarm Set points,
Low and High alarm settings Check switch Reset (latching or Non-latching at high alarm)
Test switch
Relay Contacts: Fail Relay, Low Relay, High Relay
(NO, COM, NC 1A - 115 VAC, or 1A - 24 VDC)
Common Relay: (NO, COM, NC 7A - 115 VAC, 220 VAC, or 7A - 24 VDC)